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In the 1970's, Gary Gygax developed the first modern role playing game - Dungeons & Dragons. Until the 1990's, these interactive adventure games were played by hardcore geeks and not mainstream youth. Since then, video games have borrowed extensively from D&D.; World of Warcraft brought even more fans to the genre.

Dragon Kingdom is a hybrid online slot and role playing game. You play the role of the king, sorceress and the fire breathing dragon. Dragon Kingdom has a few unique features - including the rare ability to match 6 symbols on 5 reels for a fantastic jackpot!

Dragon Kingdom has 5 reels and 20 paylines - but there's more to it than meets the eye. Like in any role playing game, your decisions have consequences. Will you place low bets on every reel? Or go for a high bet on 5 reels? Your choices could make the difference between a good payout and a life changing jackpot!

Fans of fantasy and adventure games will love Dragon Kingdom. This is light gaming with huge jackpots at its best. Give Dragon Kingdom a spin at one of our recommended online casinos now!

Spin the Magic Dragon!

The Dragon plays a huge role in the game and is the Wild Symbol. It substitutes everything but the Scatter and Split Symbols. You can match the Dragon 6 times (more on that to the right!) for a heroic 25,000 coin jackpot. Match "only" 5 Dragons for 2,500 coins.

The King Symbol is worth 1,000 coins when matched 5 times and 4,000 coins when matched 6 times. Match the Sorceress 6 times for 3,000 coins. Even 5 Sorceresses are worth 750 coins.

There are Magical Potion Symbols, Mage Books and much more. Even these "low level jackpots" are worth up to 2,500 coins! The Yellow Kingdom is worth a harrowing 666 coins when matched 5 times.

25,000 Coins For the Spin!

Magical potions pay 2,500 coins!

Look out for the red Dragon's Egg with the word Split. When it appears anywhere on the 5th reel, you've won your way to the Dragon Split Feature. The last symbol in any winning combination splits into 2. This means you can match 6 symbols at once instead of the usual 5!!

Another bonus in Dragon Kingdom is the Yellow Kingdom Scatter. When 3 or more appear anywhere on the reels, you've won 15 Free Spins with a Dynamic Multiplier! You start off with a random multiplier between x2 and x5.

During free spins, the more lines you play, the better your chances for a multiplier increase. For every non-winning spin, the multiplier goes down - but cannot go lower than x2. You can keep winning more free spins indefinitely!

Neverending Free Spins!

Jackpots & Dragons!

Dragon Kingdom is one of the rare slot games that lets you match and win more than 5 symbols. How nice to be spinning for 6 Magical Symbols! Instead of one huge progressive jackpot, you have a bunch of Big 6 Symbols Jackpots.

When the Dragon's Egg splits, you're in the money! Match 6 dragons and you've won a killer 25,000 coin jackpot. The King and Sorceress are your other two jackpots - they pay 4,000 and 3,000 coins.

When you enter the Magical Free Spins Game, expect a big payout. Your winnings include a multiplier worth between x2 and x5. 15 spins with a x5 multiplier can be worth as much as the Dragon's Jackpot! Best of all, you can keep winning more and more free spins.

A Fiery Jackpot!

Monstrous Payouts!

We had a fantastic time playing Dragon Kingdom. The graphics reminded our review team of our favourite role playing games. When you win, you're treated to a nice animated sequence.

What's the best part of Dragon Kingdom? Easy. Splitting the Dragon's Egg into 2 symbols and then matching a symbol 6 times instead of the usual 5! This is the coolest "out of the reels" experience we've seen in a while.

Dragon Kingdom's Free Spins Game with the "digital multiplier" will keep you on your feet. One good winning combination multiplied by 5 is like killing an endgame boss in a video game! Dragon Kingdom gets 5 stars by our team. You'll be glad you gave it a spin!

A 5 Star Slot Adventure!

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